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EGit/New and Noteworthy/3.0

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Revision as of 04:21, 3 June 2013 by (Talk | contribs) (EGit Features: more features and links to bugs)

EGit Features

  • Consider the ancestor when comparing with remote revisions (bug 400943).
  • History view: Adjust column widths and don't show e-mail addresses by default to improve space use
  • Improve error reporting for pull failures due to conflicts
  • When opening a resource which exists in more than one project (due to nested projects), open it in the most specific project (bug 404629).
  • Allow reset to user-entered commit expression in reset dialog (bug 352142).
  • Commit dialog: the file section can now be resized by hovering the mouse just above the file section title and dragging the sash up or down, making the message section increase/decrease accordingly (bug 343712).
  • Add rename detections to the quickdiff provider (bug 335081).
  • Add rename detection to the history file diff viewer (bug 335082).
  • Allow users to show server messages while pushing (bug 398387).
  • Show fast forward modes in merge dialog (bug 397835).
  • Share project: Allow "Create Repository" even when a parent directory already contains a repository (bug 407190).
  • Also show committer if different from author in result dialogs of fetch, pull and push (bug 363023).

GitHub Connector Features

  • Adapt github connector to use JGit/EGit 3.0
  • Switch UserPlan fields to long instead of int
    • This expected size can be common for large Enterprise installs.
  • Add service support for contents API

Performance Improvements

  • Lessen the re-indexing work and number of queued jobs (bug 381856).

Also see JGit 3.0 release notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix commit keyboard shortcut Ctrl+# (bug 363648).
  • Fix rebase pulldown in toolbar not being accessible during rebase (bug 387184).
  • Fix NPE when operating on a selection containing a linked resource pointing to a file or directory outside of a workspace project git repository (bug 406922).

116 Bugs and 23 enhancement requests were closed

API changes

  • All former public packages have been marked internal since they were never intended to be API
  • File enhancement bugs on EGit Core to specify EGit APIs you need. Prepend [API] to the bug title to mark it as API relevant.


The following 14 developers worked on this release:

André Dietisheim, Carsten Pfeiffer, Dani Megert, François Rey, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Jake Wharton, Kevin Sawicki, Laurent Goubet, Markus Keller, Matthias Sohn, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Stephen Elsemore, Tomasz Zarna

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