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EGit/New and Noteworthy/2.2

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Note that 2.2 is not yet released, please install from the Nightly Update Site to use these features.

EGit Features

Add files to .gitignore in Staging view

For an untracked file, the Staging view now has a Ignore action in the context menu. This will add the file to .gitignore. (bug 385178)

Staging view honors label decoration preferences

For example, when the label decorations are configured to not show any text decorations, but instead use an icon for the "dirty" state (bug 390297):


"Commit" and "Commit and Push" buttons in Staging view

We moved the commit button from the toolbar to the form. Furthermore we now allow you to push and commit in a single step by hitting the appropriate form button. The push occurrs either to the default remote or to upstream that the user configures in the push configuration dialog. (bug 388913):


Working set project decorations

Working sets now also receive the decorations, depending on what projects they contain. When all are from the same repository, the repository name, branch name and branch status is shown. When they are from different repositories but all on the same branch, only the branch name is shown. (bug 369969)

Ancestor pane in compare editors (three-way mode)

When comparing a file against another commit or branch, the content of the common ancestor can now be shown using the Show Ancestor Pane button in the compare editor. This will show a third text field showing the content of the ancestor.

The common ancestor (also called merge base) is the first parent commit that both compared commits have in common. E.g. when a feature branch was created from master, the common ancestor is the commit on master after which feature was split off.

Other Improvements

  • Deleting untracked files from the Staging view can now be done using the delete key (bug 389137).
  • Amend now preserves the original authorship date and time (bug 362391).
  • When comparing a file with the current version (HEAD), its side now always shows the author and ID of the commit which last affected the file, not from HEAD (bug 359071).
  • Git Tree Compare view now has an Expand all button (bug 376241).
  • When accidentally pressing Amend in the Commit dialog or Staging view, pressing it again causes the original commit message to appear again instead of being lost (bug 364022).
  • When using Compare With/Replace With > Commit..., the dialog now filters the shown commits to only those that affected the selected resources, not the complete history (bug 382476).

Bug Fixes

60 Bugs and 17 enhancement requests were closed

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