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EGit/New and Noteworthy/0.11


Fetch Change from Gerrit


A new wizard provides convenient fetching of changes from Gerrit

Actions for Push and Fetch using upstream configuration

A couple of new actions (Team > Push to Upstream and Team > Fetch from Upstream) allows to directly push to and fetch from the remote stored in the upstream configuration of the currently checked out branch without the need to go through a wizard each time.


Simplified Wizards for Configuration of Fetch and Push

Simplified Fetch and Push Wizards were implemented which also behave much closer to fetch and push in c git.



History View


  • Merge and Rebase can now be triggered from the History View
  • A Revert action was implemented in the History View
  • The commit message pane in the history view now shows links to navigate to next Tags / Branches reachable from the selected commit
  • 'Open Corresponding Task and Add to Task Context actions provide integration with Mylyn's task handling


  • Comparison of trees was added so that Compare with... actions now also work on folders and projects.


  • Compare with Commit... was added
  • Compare with Branch or Tag... was added


EGit Mylyn Integration: Commit Dialog

The commit dialog is now integrated with Mylyn to populate it with active task information.


EGit Mylyn Integration: History View

The history view is integrated with Mylyn via the Add to Task Context or Open Corresponding Task actions


Performance Improvements

The following operations are now much faster:

  • synchronize
  • decoration of Eclipse resources
  • opening commit dialog

Bugs Closed

43 bugs and 11 enhancement requests were closed.


EGit 0.11 - commits in gitweb

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