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EGerrit/Contributor Guide

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Obtaining Sources

EGerrit is hosted in Git. You can browse the repository on the web: EGerrit

IDE configuration

  • Clone the git repository
  • Import the projects in Eclipse
  • Set a target platform chosen from the project

Running the tests

The tests require a Gerrit server on which you can connect and commit. Don't worry, we have you covered. All you need to do is to install docker docker. If you are Windows and Mac, make sure to get the native supports, it provides a nicer integration. Once this is done, go to the org.eclipse.egerrit/org.eclipse.egerrit.releng/gerritServers folder and run "./"

Once this is done, you can run the tests either from the IDE or by executing the Maven build.


At this point, we are planning to release a new version of EGerrit with each new version of the release train. You can find the list of previous releases here. The best way to see what we are working on is to refer to our Kanban board

Build jobs

The build jobs can be found at EGerrit on Hudson

Contributing to the release train

Contributions to the release trains are done in the simrel git repository. In order to minimize the churn associated with contributing to the simrel repo, we are contributing our milestone repo until a date close to the final build of the release repo, at which point we change our contribution to point to a specific released build. For record, here is the initial commit adding EGerrit to the train: [1]

Note that in order to edit the simrel files, it is recommended to use the b3 aggregator editor and consult [[

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