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EDP Wisdom

This page contains tidbits of information that are disseminated to committers as hints. Each paragraph should be a complete thought; links and images are supported.

This page is moderated by the EMO

Intellectual Property

You need a contribution questionnaire (CQ) for a third-party library if you make direct use of that library. An import statement in Java source, or a bundle reference or package reference in a manifest file are examples of a direct reference. Indirect references through another project's code do not generally require a CQ.

All projects are required to maintain a log of intellectual property contributions. Since contributors retain the rights to the code that they contribute, it is important that we keep track of those contributions. This is part of the IP Log that must be submitted and approved prior to making any official release of the project's code.

All contributions from non-committers need to be submitted via Eclipse Bugzilla. Users who submit patches via Bugzilla explicitly agree to our terms of use (i.e. they give us permission to use the contribution). Note that this policy will be expanded to include Gerrit when that service becomes available.

Automated tools do most of the work of maintaining an IP Log, but only work when provided with the required information. For contributions to be properly recorded in the automated log, they must be flagged as iplog+ in Eclipse Bugzilla.

In general, it is preferred that you flag contributions individual attachments with iplog+ for inclusion in the project's IP Log rather than the bug itself.

Use the Contribution Review Tool to get help and advice for maintaining your Eclipse project's intellectual property (IP) Log.

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