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Wim Jongman, Markus Alexander Kuppe

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Wim Jongman, Markus Alexander Kuppe


ECF build

  • (ecf3) hardware donation will be delivered 9/26/ to OSU
    • Machine will be managed by OSU => Gentoo will be installed
    • Scott, Wim and Markus will receive root access at first, others need to raise interest
    • "buildmaster" group should be added to the machine for the Hudson/Bucky installation
  • Wim wants to run exemplary services
    • should be deployed regularly (e.g. as part of the build/release) to keep the ECF installation current (might even be used for integration testing)

Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

  • Wim has started work on slides
    • Content will be aligned along the 8 fallacies of distributed programming
  • Slideware will be on Github

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