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ECF Conference Call 8.30.2010

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  • Scott Lewis, Sebastian Schmidt, Wim Jongman, Mustafa Isik


HW purchase, delivery, and install

  • Wim is going to proceed with purchase. Scott will cover amount > $1500. Scott is communicating with zx about usage of new Friends of Eclipse process (direction of FOE donations to specific projects) to cover costs of new hw

Google Wave provider

  • Mustafa will produce a posting to ecf-dev about the state of the provider, and soliciting ideas for new/possible applications that would use the wave API
  • We agreed that ECF 3.4/Oct 2010 is too soon to have a wave provider, API, and/or example app release, and that ECF 3.5 (possible date: Jan-Feb 2011) is likely a better fit. Scott will nominate Sebastian as new ECF committer soon
  • Scott, Mustafa, Sebastian, and any other interested parties will get the latest wave provider, test code, any working example code and try things out to get familiar with the API and implementation

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