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ECF Conference Call 8.20.2007

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Dealing with Bug Backlog

ACTION ITEM FOR COMMITTERS: Please assign yourself additional relevant bugs from the above list and resolve them.

Announcement: Automated Builds

  • In place/running with automated daily builds at (Ted and Pete) bug 135450

ACTION ITEM FOR COMMITTERS: Please add yourself to ecf-build mailing list to receive build notifications.

Active Work Areas



Note: Moritz and Scott are testing Jingle provider Aug 22, others that wish to get/use Moritz' work should contact him directly or via

NOTE: Roland is working on IAX provider. Status to be updated by Roland.

Shared Editing

  • Cola and XCDE in org.eclipse.ecf.examples.collab.editor (Mustafa, Boris?, Ken, others?) bug 170866, bug 192578, others

NOTE: Mustafa is working on generalizing Cola code via plugin at and will coordinate with Scott for checkin to CVS at (over existing plugin org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.editor). Target date for code move: Aug 29, 2007.


NOTE: An ECF generic JMS server implementation for both ActiveMQ/Websphere CE and BEA Weblogic now exist at See here for info on accessing via CVS.


NOTE: ECF is being used by the Equinox Provisioning M1. Additional bugs and enhancement requests will be forthcoming associated the provisioning usage.

NOTE: Remote services API now supported via following providers: XMPP, ECF Generic, ActiveMQ JMS, Weblogic JMS.

NOTE: Enhancement requests (and contribution) forthcoming (e.g. IServiceTypeID).

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