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ECF Conference Call 8.14.2008


Scott Lewis, Marcelo Mayworm, Roland Fru


Brief review of upcoming work for 2.0.1 and 2.1 releases. See 8.7.2008 Call Agenda/Notes.

Call Notes

  • Roland is going to focus on leading/restarting SIP provider for target inclusion in ECF 2.1 via bug 193388. Roland will also send a 'where are we now' update to ecf-dev mailing list.
  • ECF 2.1 is scheduled for October 3, 2008 as per 8.7.2008 Call Agenda/Notes. Committers: Please make appropriate individual work plans.
  • In addition to the 2.1 enhancements and bug fixes, ECF will also
    • Move to the Runtime Project. Equinox is in the middle of the move as of 8.14.2008 (see bug 242307 to track). After the Equinox move is complete, ECF will be moving also...hopefully this can be made to happen the week of 8.25.2008.
    • Add automated junit testing. See discussion at mailing list archive msg01757 to coordinate (Markus and Ted).

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