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ECF Conference Call 7.20.2006

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Scott Lewis, Roland Fru, Peter Nehrer, Ken Gilmer, Remy Suen, Pierre-Henry Perret

Meeting Agenda

Scott's Change of Work Status

  • Scott reported that he has left his full-time position with Cayuse, Inc. and will be working more on ECF (yea!). He is not sure what he is going to do to earn money, but is contemplating ways to commercialize/productize ECF-based applications in relevant markets

Any Subproject Issues

  • Scott and Roland have been (so far) unable to productively engage the [Java Jingle] team in order to coordinate work on a Jingle implementation in java (that will be used to implement the ECF call API and communicate with our newly installed Asterisk server.

0.8.9 stable build eta

  • The 0.8.9 stable build will be done Mon, July 24th at ~8pm pacific time.


  • Scott is doing booth duty and ECF demos for the Eclipse Foundation on Wed (noon-2pm pacific), and on Thurs (2pm-4pm pacific). All ECF committers and contributors are requested to notify Scott if they have previous contributions or new contributions that they would especially like demoed at OSCON. The likely candidates for demo at this point are

ECF Website Needed Improvements

  1. To be made consistent with the Phoenix project look and feel (ECF bug)
  2. To introduce improved documentation and navigation
  3. To introduce additional capabilities: For example, the ability for ECF-based projects to be uploaded/made available via ECF web pages (ala EMF's 'EMF Corner'). Or for results of automated build to be made available.
  4. To improve 'Howto' Documentation in general and specifically for running test suite (ECF bug)

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