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ECF Conference Call 6.5.2008


  • Scott Lewis, Ted Kubaska



  • ECF passed our 2.0.0/Ganymede release review held 8:00am pacific Wed, 6/4. See here for slides. Yea!!
  • ECF now (6/5/2008) got full IP approval from EF for ip log, bugzilla entries, contributions, etc. Thanks to all committers and contributors for helping with the IP log maintenance, and making so many excellent contributions.
  • Since ECF is a Ganymede '+1' project, we will be doing RC builds every Monday for the next few weeks (9, 16, 23). We will also be doing integration builds on both Monday am and Thursday am of every week for the 6 platform bundles from ECF. Note the bug for communicating about ecf integration builds for the platform is bug 219499.


  • Please be sure that if you are fixing bugs in both release 2.0.0 and future releases (most bugs), that you update both the Release_2_0 and HEAD (now on 2.1) as per this mailing list posting.

Pending Action Items for 2.0

  • jSLP RC4. Pending CQ 2217 requests moving jSLP up from RC2 (current in Orbit, to RC4. We (ECF) would like to use the RC4 version in Ganymede, a short < 3 weeks from now. The CQ is under review now, and the Foundation folks (Barb Cochrane is who I/Scott have been interacting with) know we want to use it for Ganymede. We need to make sure, however, that once RC4 is approved via CQ, that the changes can go into the Orbit copy...that these can be tested, and then that the RC4 build in Orbit can be promoted (to stable) and used by our build (and of course tested once done). So I've asked zx, Markus, and Jan to make sure that the Orbit project can accomodate and build the RC4 version once approved (I don't know when that will happen, but would guess week of 6/9/2008).
  • R-OSGI RC2. Pending CQ 2295 is under review and should be approved soon. The Foundation folks know that we want to use it for Ganymede. Once approved, the changes have to be merged into the ECF plugin ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.remote and tested.
  • Cola Integration. Pending enhancement bug 207530 is being worked on by Mustafa Isik and he has let me know that he expects to have some working code integrated into docshare by ECF RC4 (build on 6/9/2008).

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