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ECF Conference Call 6.14.2010


Markus A. Kuppe, Sebastian Schmidt, Wim Jongman, Mustafa K. Isik


ECF Releng for Helios

Release_3_3 branch builder status (and HEAD availability for 3.4 work)

  • XMPP bug not worked on -> won't be part of Helios

ECF documentation

  • Search index for ECF book
    • Better documentation
    • Wim will work on a search index for general ECF documentation in the Wiki

CVS to git move

  • Is git good enough for us?
    • Windows cmd line Supposedly sucks (cygwin/msysgit). Windows user please confirm!
    • Hudson build ready for git
  • What granularity? One project per repo or several projects per repo? -> Wim will take discussion to ecf-dev

Google Wave ECF provider

  • Make synchronized editing a first class citizen in ECF (again)
    • Multi-user editing due to the use of Google Wave
    • A source document mappes to a "blip" and blips get combined into a wave -> Project level sharing (via wave)

DNS-SD based wide-area ECF discovery provider

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