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ECF Conference Call 5.22.2008

Attendees: Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Remy Suen

Distributed OSGi Services with the Eclipse Communication Framework at OSGi community event in Berlin. 6/10-6/11.

  • Discussion started on mailing list.

RC2 preparations/fixes/ECF ramp/down.

  • We are currently at API and feature freeze. All changes should be via existing or new bugs (not enhancement requests).
  • Committers: please consult the open ECF bug list here and assign, fix, and resolve any bugs that you can.

Eclipse Day at Google (June 24)

  • Scott and Mustafa will be presenting at EclipseDay_At_Googleplex. Other committers are invited to help with coming to the event (if they can) or help with live remote demos.

Automated testing and build

  • Signing is in (yea! thanks Ted).
  • Now we are moving toward running the automated tests (all org.eclipse.ecf.tests.* bundles/tests) as part of the automated builds. Markus has some scripts and experience with doing this at his employer, and Ted is leading the completion of this with Scott supporting as necessary/desired.

ECF 2.1 -- When?

  • The platform maintenance release (and ECF's maintenance release) is in September, so it probably makes sense for ECF to have it's 2.1 release either in August or in October. Planned additions/API changes are 1) Markus has changes for Composite discovery container, making discovery providers more dynamic; 2) Scott has planned additions for adding (store and restore of ECF ID instances and IContainer instances via Equinox's ISecurePreferences). So, question is: 2.1 in August or September? For 2.1 release we will have to prepare another

ECF Book

  • Scott and Chris Anisczyck are going to propose the creation of an ECF book.

ECF moving into runtime project

  • After Ganymede release, ECF will move into the runtime project. This will require a 'move review' for ECF.

Ganymede Release Review (June 4)

  • The Ganymede release review will be combined to one review on Wed, June 4. Scott will produce some slides (based upon the past year's worth of ECF New and Noteworthy. If you have other things that you would specifically like to call out in the review, please bring it up on ecf-dev at mailing list or contact Scott directly.

Scott becomes JmDNS committer

  • After finding bugs in JmDNS and providing patches/fixes, the JmDNS project lead (Rick Blair) has added Scott as a JmDNS committer. This will make it much easier to get fixes/improvements to JmDNS in place more quickly. Also there is a new version of JmDNS available (including the patches recently submitted by Scott) and we have submitted a CQ to use this new version for ECF 2.0.0 release. The CQ is here.

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