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ECF Conference Call 4.9.2007

Revision as of 10:01, 19 April 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (Presence UI: All target M7 features have implemented.)


Jingle Provider

Bug 173857 - Integrating Jingle into an ECF container

Skype Provider

Bug 181640 - skype provider for call api

JXTA provider

Europa/Build Process Improvements

  • Bug 135450 - Create and deploy CruiseControl automated daily, integration, and stable builds
  • Bug 166679 - Move ECF source into separate plugin

Presence UI

A screenshot that displays the 'timestamp' and 'typing notification' features.
A screenshot depicting the popup notification that will be received for the first incoming message from an individual.

The new user interfaces that are now included in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.ui is intended to deprecate and replace the code that is currently offered in org.eclipse.ecf.ui. The code uses new features offered in the 3.3 stream such as advanced tooltips and the new enhancements added into Eclipse Forms.

Current Features

  • typing notification
  • popup notification for new messages
  • timestamp

Target Features for 1.0.0M7

  • add contacts
  • file transfer support
  • clear chat window

Target Features for 1.0.0

  • history support
  • hyperlink detection for opening links in a browser
  • autoconnect

Related Bugs/Enhancement Requests

  • Bug 181506 - Migrate presence IM providers to use MessagesView
  • Bug 181507 - Consider Adapting the MultiRosterView to Handle Chatrooms
  • Bug 181510 - Add automatic login for new connect wizards
  • Bug 181539 - NPE in MultiRosterView.dispose()
  • Bug 149913 - [UI] Connection dialog does not repopuplate fields


  • Bug 173283 - [docs] need information on what ECF does

Other Outstanding Bugs

  • Bug 166670 - Add persistence to RosterView
  • Bug 171138 - Static collection of created IContainers needed
  • Bug 181505 - Consider creating a 'Collaboration' perspective for ECF
  • Bug 181525 - [xmpp] Picture data is not being processed correctly
  • Bug 177020 - History API implementation

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