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ECF Conference Call 4.30.2013

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  • Markus Kuppe, Harshana Eranga Martin, Scott Lewis

Agenda and Meeting Notes

  • ECF Release information for Kepler as requested by Wayne [1]
  • Scheduling of ECF Builds as Requested by David Williams. See bug 406845. Upshot: David would like us to produce a final Kepler build (of *at least* httpclient4) by May 21. He would also like us to produce intermediate release build(s) sometime in the 3 weeks prior to May 21.
    • MEETING NOTES: Dates for ECF builds: May 3, May 10, May 20 (or 21). If others are needed, then we will decouple the httpclient4 contribution from the rest of ECF.
  • OSGi R5 TCK
    • MEETING NOTES: Scott and Markus now have access to the TCK, and have engaged BJ Hargrave about getting appropriate test environment setup. If other ECF committers wish to also get access to the TCK to assist Scott and Markus, they must sign an additional agreement with the Eclipse Foundation. Please contact to work this out if you are an ECF committer and want access.
  • Mentor Sign Up for Google SOC
    • MEETING NOTES: The following ECF committers have signed up as mentors: Scott, Markus, Harshana. Other ECF committers that are willing to be mentors should sign up with Google immediately (prior to the student submission evaluation).

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