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ECF Conference Call 4.30.2013


  • Markus Kuppe, Harshana Eranga Martin, Scott Lewis


  • ECF Release information for Kepler as requested by Wayne [1]
  • Scheduling of ECF Builds as Requested by David Williams. See bug 406845. Upshot: David would like us to produce a final Kepler build (of *at least* httpclient4) by May 21. He would also like us to produce intermediate release build(s) sometime in the 3 weeks prior to May 21.
    • Dates for ECF builds: May 3, May 10, May 20 (or 21). If others are needed, then we will decouple the httpclient4 contribution from the rest of ECF.
  • OSGi R5 TCK
  • Prospective mentors signed up: Scott, Markus, Harshana. Other ECF committers should sign up that want to potentially be mentors.

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