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ECF Conference Call 4.19.2010

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  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Tommy Schaubs, Sebastian Schmidt, Remy Suen, Wim Jongman


ECF Releng

  • Thanks to Markus, ECF's Hudson/Buckminster build system now has several templates that allow us to easily create new Hudson/Buckminster projects that can build other, new features that we would like to include in our build.

GSOC Projects

  • Given the sheer number of proposals, it may be that some of the excellent proposals for ECF-related projects may not be accepted for GSOC 2010. Even if not accepted, I would propose that these projects go forward, as there is clearly a community need for all the projects proposed this year.

Other Items (please add)


  • Wim and co have been making progress on the nntp provider implementation, and the rcp newsreader client.
  • Scott would like begin to build the Newsreader components (both the provider and the RCP newsreader client application), via the ECF team's Hudson/Buckminster build server, and move toward having a template(s) that support the building of product configuration-based builds (i.e. those that have an Eclipse .product file to specify their target). The Newsreader RCP app is a good first instance of a product-configuration-based application, and we can/should use it to get to a template for building any/all product-based builds.

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