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ECF Conference Call 3.22.2010


Harshana Eranga Martin, Sebastian Schmidt, Markus Kuppe, Scott Lewis


ECF RT PMC Representation

Jeff McAffer has asked for ECF participation/representation in the RT PMC. Markus Kuppe will attend a future RT PMC meeting and determine who from ECF (i.e. Markus or Scott) will be the ECF representative on the RT PMC.

Google SOC 2010 Projects

Google Wave Provider

Sebastian Schmidt is interested in proposing a 2010 Summer of Code project to implement a Google Wave provider for ECF. This idea has been added to the GSOC 2010 Ideas page. There is already an ECF enhancement request for a Google Wave provider here.

Since work has already begun on this provider, and Scott, Mustafa, and others associated with the enhancement request will want to participate moving forward, Sebastian and/or others that wish to propose a GSOC project will need to identify a specific area that they wish to focus on for their project proposal (e.g. the Google Wave protocol implementation, the ECF provider usage of the protocol implementation, the wave protocol/operational transformation API, example applications). The ECF committers that are working in this area (e.g. Scott, Mustafa) will coordinate with Sebastian and/or others interested in proposing a GSOC project to carve out the desired technical areas for the GSOC student and coordinate the work on the other areas. Scott will agree to mentor GSOC project proposals that work with us to carve out the desired technical area, and to work collaboratively with the existing committers and other ECF contributors.

Action Item: Sebastian will produce an email to Scott, Mustafa describing what parts of the Google Wave provider work he would like to carve out for his GSOC project proposal, and Scott and Mustafa will iterate with Sebastian to scope this proposal for submission to the GSOC 2010 process. DONE.

Google Buzz Provider

A Google Buzz provider has been added to the GSOC 2010 ideas page. One of the interested parties is Nuwan Sam. On the conference call, Harshana Eranga Martin also has expressed interest in proposing a GSOC project to do Google Buzz provider.

Action Item: Scott will send an email to Harshana, Nuwan, and others listed on the ideas page to coordinate possible proposals for a Google Buzz provider. DONE.

Mylyn/ECF Integration

Harshana brought up the ECF+Mylyn integration...possibly as a Google SOC 2010 project. Mylyn has a longstanding enhancement request to use ECF communications to share task contexts in real time, and ECF committer Remy Suen has done some previous work on integrating Mylyn with ECF.

Action Items: Scott will send an email to Steffen Pingle (Mylyn committer), Harshan Eranga Martin (ECF committer), Remy Suen (ECF committer) to coordinate possible work and/or mentoring for work in this area. DONE.

ECF Build/Deploy Work

Skype Provider

Action Item: Scott will send email to Harshana, Ted, Markus about plans for adding the Delta pack to the ECF builder, and setup Skype feature to build with multiple platform targets (win32 and linux, specifically). DONE.

Yahoo IM Provider

Action Item: Scott will send email to Harshana, Ted, Markus about adding Yahoo IM Hudson feature, and dealing with the recently identified problems with the Yahoo IM provider, which seem to be due to a change in the Yahoo IM protocol. DONE.

Others (Newsreader, Zookeeper, TweetHub, etc)

We need to enlist some help to produce features and add these features to the ECF builder.

Continuous Testing

Action Item: Scott will send email to Markus and Harshana about the state of the sdk testing suite, and how we can coordinate the needed fixes (discovery provider NPEs, some environment/system property additions/changes, test case fixes/generalizations). DONE.

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