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ECF Conference Call 2.05.2008

Discovery API

Separation of Preferences from Discovery UI

Quote from Markus posting to ecf-dev

Thinking about it, I believe it makes sense to decouple the preference UI from the discovery API via the OSGi configuration manager (CM) service. That way consumers can still benefit from the configuration capability of discovery even if they choose to use a pure OSGi runtime.

In we decide to take this route, we can split the work into creating the CM service for org.eclipse.ecf.provider.discovery and into creating a preference page that bases on CM services (with metatype it could be fairly generic).

Inclusion of jSLP and SLP in Build

serviceaccesshandler - technology.ecf initial contribution


Inclusion of r-OSGI and Provider into ECF Build

Integration with Discovery

Shared Editing

Plan of Action

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