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ECF Conference Call 12.23.2008


  • Ted Kubaska, Markus Kuppe, Scott Lewis, Marcelo Mayworm


ECF 2.1

ECF 3.0 Addition: RFC 119 (discovery and remote services)

  • Discuss plans for implementing RFC 119 using ECF discovery API and remote services API. See bug 249240.
  • Identify timeline for completing RFC 119 impl.
  • Preparation/plans for EclipseCon 2009 presentations
  • Discuss addition of IFutureResult see bug 258875.

ECF 3.0 Addition: User Search to Presence API

  • See bug 256696. All committers: please take some time to examine the additions and comment on them on the enhancement request.

Cola Replace for Sync API

ECF 3.0 Addition: Team API Provider

Remy has been working on additions that implement the Eclipse Team API via the ECF datashare API...which allows immediate resource level distribution within a workspace via the ECF datashare API. Please see/comment on this bug. We will discuss incorporation into ECF 3.0M5.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are working on API additions for ECF 3.0, please attempt to get a version of the addition into ECF 3.0M5+1, which is Tuesday, Feb 3 according to Galileo Release Plan

Other Items

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