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ECF Conference Call 12.04.2007

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ECF 3.4M4 Progress

Plan for for ECF 2.0M4

Discovery API

As per the bugs listed here the discovery API has been making great progress. The refactoring is essentially complete, and as soon as the jSLP RC2 is tested a little more, CQs will be filed for the jSLP contribution, and for the SLP ECF discovery provider.

Core API Changes

As per bugs listed here the core API changes for 3.4M4 will be in place by next week.

Filetransfer API

As per bugs listed here there is one more planned addition to the file transfer API before 3.4M4...this is the addition of use of the Platform Proxy API (bug 181544) in support of the Equinox p2 work.

Remote Service API

Jan Rellermeyer is working with Scott on using r-OSGi to implement the Remote Service API. It will not be in place for 3.4m4, but should come pretty quickly.

UI/Applications Work

The list of relevant bugs and enhancement requests is here. No further progress on this work was known to call attendees other than the Integration with Mylyn and the work on Roster Menus, Sharing Editor Selections, and DocShare Plugin.

Shared Editing Work

The list of bugs and enhancement requests is ECF_Conference_Call_10.23.2007#Shared_Editing_.28proposed_lead:_Mustafa.29 here. There was some work on the DocShare Plugin, but Mustafa was travelling and unable to make the conference call.


Moritz Post has been approved as an ECF committer. Great to have you aboard Moritz!


ECF will be a part of the Portland_DemoCamp. Please (let Scott know), if you have some work that can/could be shown as part of the demo camp.

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