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ECF Conference Call 11.25.2008


  • Remy is on vacation in London and will not be attending.


Discovery UI

org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.ui vs. Versant's contribution built on top of EMF (replace or keep both)

  • depends upon >=2.4 org.eclipse.emf.core, org.eclipse.emf.common, org.eclipse.emf.edit, org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui
  • Java5 (new Locks API, generics)

Add incubation to build (create an incubation feature)

Real-time Collaboration

Remy is investigating the distribution and synchronization of workspace resources at the project level (see bug 239048).

Discussed with Neil briefly over this:

  • Are there real use cases? It sounds cool, yes, but who's going to use this?
    • Forced to assume that "everything" is synchronized prior to sharing the project.
    • If this is not true, a long time may be required to synchronize the projects before work can begin.
  • Will this synchronization mechanism encourage novice hackers to not use an SCM system and to then use it as a poor man's peer-to-peer SCM system?

ECF build

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