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ECF Conference Call 11.12.2013

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  • ECF 3.7.2 or 3.8.0 release
    • We will plan on having a 3.7.2 release toward end of Nov/early Dec 2013. We jointly need to decide

an exact day and time, and schedule for 3.8.

  • ECF 4.x theme: Remove dependency to IExtensionRegistry to better support other OSGi runtimes
    • Did not discuss
  • iPOPO
    • Created enhancement bug and [ wiki page] to track work. We've jointly decided (with Thomas) to create a new ECF remote service host provider (based upon some as yet undefined wire protocol+serialization format...see bug), and a Python/iPopo-based remote service client to be a consumer of the service. This will show off both ECF's provider architecture (ability to create new transport providers and reuse all of the OSGi Remote Services/RSA work), and it will show off iPopo's easy interoperability with OSGi Remote Services.
  • ECF at EclipseCon NA?
    • Scott has desire to present/discuss ECF's OSGi remote services implementation, and advantages of using ECF's extensible provider architecture for interoperability (across protocols, languages, etc).
  • ECF Logo contest


  • Markus Kuppe (ECF committer), Harshana Eranga Martin (ECF committer), Thomas Calmant (iPopo), Scott Lewis (ECF committer)

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