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(UI/Example Applications (proposed leads: Remy, Chris, Boris?): Link to the bug.)
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*Persistent Buddy Lists (bug)
*Persistent Buddy Lists (bug)
*More/Better UI Features for IM/Buddy Lists/Chat  
*More/Better UI Features for IM/Buddy Lists/Chat  
*Integration with Mylyn {{bug|195737}}
*Integration with Mylyn ({{bug|195737}})
====Discovery (proposed lead: Markus)====
====Discovery (proposed lead: Markus)====
*API changes [ bug 200791][ bug 206247][ bug 204423][ bug 207089][ bug 207089][ bug 207091]
*API changes ({{bug|200791}}, {{bug|206247}}, {{bug|204423}}, {{bug|207086}}, {{bug|207089}}, {{bug|207091}})
*SLP Provider [ bug 200804]
*SLP Provider ({{bug|200804}}
*CompositeDiscoveryContainer/MultiProvider Discovery [ bug 200803][ bug 206444]
*CompositeDiscoveryContainer/MultiProvider Discovery ({{bug|200803}}, {{bug|206444}})
====Remote Services (proposed lead: Jan and/or Scott)====
====Remote Services (proposed lead: Jan and/or Scott)====

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ECF Ganymede Roadmap

Proposed Areas of Focus for ECF 2.0M4 (mid Dec 2007)

Shared Editing (proposed lead: Mustafa)

  • Cola (bug)
  • Shared Editing API

VOIP (proposed leads: Moritz, Roland)

  • Jingle (bug)
  • IAX (bug)
  • Skype (bug)

Bulletin Board API (proposed lead: ?)

  • Incorporate into distribution (bug)

UI/Example Applications (proposed leads: Remy, Chris, Boris?)

  • Chat UI Consistency (bug)
  • Example Collab Refactor (bug)
  • Persistent Buddy Lists (bug)
  • More/Better UI Features for IM/Buddy Lists/Chat
  • Integration with Mylyn (bug 195737)

Discovery (proposed lead: Markus)

Remote Services (proposed lead: Jan and/or Scott)

  • r-OSGi Provider
  • Test code/example code/API Hardening/docs

Share Code (proposed lead: Marcelo)

  • Incorporation into distribution (bug)

File Transfer API (proposed lead: Scott)

  • Support Equinox p2 (bug)
  • Testing
  • Proxy Support, Auth (bug)

Core API Work (proposed lead: Scott)

  • Integration with JAAS/Support for single ECF sign on
  • Move to EE CDC 1.1/Foundation 1.1
  • Replace ECF-specific classes in with*
  • Fix org.eclipse.ecf.startup extension point (bug)

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