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ECF/RS Test Framework

 OSGi Remote Services Testing framework

This page contains the project proposal created by [Jasintha Dasanayake] for the GSoC 2012. Comments from the viewers are welcome.


ECF has provided an implementation for OSGI Remote service Specification. The OSGI remote service specification 4.2 has been implemented in the latest release of the ECF.
Although ECF provides a good interface to develop OSGI Remote Services, there is no proper implementation for testing those services.
We can write unit tests, but it isn't good enough to test remote services Therefore I am proposing a remote service testing framework for ECF.


The main goal of this project is to provide an annotation based extendible test framework for testing remote services which has been implemented using the ECF .
Following are the major tasks in implementing this framework.

1. Introduce annotations
Introduce new annotations based on the remote service functionalities.
e.g.: @hostService , @regService, etc.

2 Process the annotations
Develop the core processor to process above annotations and identify the meaning of the annotations. The test class will be read using java reflection then those annotation will be processing
using the java annotation tool framework which provide an annotation processor.

3 Invoke tests
Start the test process according to the provided annotations.

Assume there is a service called FooService which has 3 operation calls X, Y and Z.
Using the proposed test framework, we can implement tests as follows,

In the test Class

@hostService{ // ' provide the relevant parameters here ex.. IP of the host '}

@regService {//'provide the param which need to publish the service in registy ex: Service name... '}

public void testXoperation(){

public void testYoperation(){


@hostService - Host the Service in the given server

@regservice - Register and publish the service in service registry

@X or @Y - provide the mapping to service operation


April 25:
Getting familiar with Remote Service Implementation (I have already started this task)
Interact with the mentor and the ECF community is vital in this period.
May 23:
Start the development of the freamwork (There is a high possibility to start this work earlier)
July 11:
Complete the functionalities of the hosting and registering the service using the annotation
Testing the written code should be done throughout this period
 July 14:
Submit the code for midterm evaluations.
August 15:
Complete the functionalities of the operation mapping annotations
Testing the written code should be done throughout this period
August 22:
Complete documentation
August 25:
Submit completed source code

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