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ECF/Implementation of RFC119


As part of the Galileo release (aka ECF 3.0), the ECF team has committed to implementing the current (DRAFT) state of OSGi EE RFC119. See the associated ECF enhancement request here.

Ongoing Work Areas

Siemens Contribution for Service Discovery

Siemens has conveyed an interest in contributing work that they have done on implementing the service discovery part of RFC119. Here is a page for tracking this work and communication between Siemens and ECF team.

ECF Bundles

ECF now has three bundles to support the delivery of ECF-based remote services implementions. The CVS path for accessing these bundles on is /cvsroot/rt/org.eclipse.ecf/compendium/bundles, and the bundles are as follows:

  • -- Code from OSGi 4.2 compendium 20090123 version attached to cq:
  • -- Code to implement discovery part of RFC 119 using ECF discovery API
  • -- Code to implement distribution part of RFC119 using ECF remote services API


  1. The bundle is *only* to distribute the OSGi 4.2 compendium code (discovery and distribution packages only).
  2. I've only created a shell for've not added any code yet.
  3. Code has recently been added to implement the use of the service registry hooks (RFC 126) to transparently register remote services.
  4. We will introduce new tests plugin: for testing. We can do that for discovery soon as well. These will be placed in /cvsroot/rt/org.eclipse.ecf/tests/bundles
  5. We will add these three plugins to the ecf core set of bundles (core feature) for 3.5M6.

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