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Johan Holmberg (IAR Systems)
Johan Holmberg (IAR Systems)
John Dallaway (Code Confidence)

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Embedded Tools Summit 2018

The Embedded Tools Summit 2018 will be held during the Unconference day at EclipseCon Europe 2018.

Date: Monday, October 22, 2017 Time: 9:30 - 17:30 Room: TDB More Info: Note there is a small fee for the Community day to cover expenses.

Please feel free to add to the agenda and sign up in the attendee list. This summit is for all of us.

Note that new contributors to the Eclipse wiki do have their first posts moderated to help control spam. Once approved, you'll be free to edit any time.


To discuss development and technical issues for the CDT project.


Ideas for Embedded Tools Conference Agenda

1. Managed Eclipse core build

2. Rolling out language server protocol and current status

  Feature roadmap

3. Code mining

  Photon - What can we do in CDT?

4. Rolling out debug server protocol and current status

5. Smart Demos - accessibility to complex features

6. Dealing with current CDT backlog and triaging new bugs

  4000 current CDT issues in the backlog (Newest to oldest)
  Automated error reporting
  Errors and workarounds can be provided?

7. Close old stale issues we have no intention of fixing? Perhaps last modified date?

8. Deletion of old code (CDT old and a new CDT project? for discussion)

9. Future areas to drive CDT?

  Any new things in development that people would like to announce
  Code recommender (Cloud information to recommend what is used most often)
  User assistance, better refactoring? 

10. How do we grow our community and get help on core features? What do vendors who ship CDT in their products want to happen to the CDT project? Or are they moving away from CDT? Should we grow beyond the tradition Eclipse Java platform and help other platforms like Theia, Che, VS Code?


Mark Goodchild (Renesas)

William Riley (Renesas)

Jonah Graham (Kichwa Coders)

Doug Schaefer (BlackBerry QNX)

Thomas Corbat (Institute for Software)

Mario Pierro (IAR Systems)

Joakim Lönnberg (IAR Systems)

Johan Holmberg (IAR Systems)

John Dallaway (Code Confidence)

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