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ECE 2019 Community Day

The Whiteboard

Welcome to the planning whiteboard for learning about and planning for Community Day & Evening at EclipseCon Europe 2019. This part of the conference is organized by and for you – the Eclipse community.

Community Day

Monday, October 21
9:00 - 18:30
On the first day of the conference, the venue is open for whatever you want to do, from organized workshops to informal hacking sessions in the Power-Up Lounge. The Meet & Greet casual reception ends the day, with a focus on greeting new attendees and helping them meet other community members.

Some gatherings will be in session rooms with A/V available and set start and stop times; others will take place around a table in an open space.

To see what we did at Community Day last year, visit the 2018 page.

Add Your Community Day Ideas!

===IoT and Edge Computing===
Group meeting for anyone interested in the IoT, Edge and Sparkplug workinggroups

Community Evening

Tuesday, October 22
Community Evening is new, so we are just getting started on it. We are hoping that the community will organize hackathons or other coding sessions, meetings, BoF-like sessions, etc.

There will be a beverages available with a bar set up on both levels of the venue, with beer, wine, water, and juice.

Please add your ideas here, including your name, contact information, and your suggestion for Community Evening!

Add Your Community Evening Ideas!

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