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== Minutes of the Eclipse Cloud Development PMC ==
== Minutes of the Eclipse Cloud Development PMC ==
'''March 8, 2018''' - Martin, Nedelcho
* Working on a graphical web database schema editor based on mxGraph
* Looking for bringing MDA in Dirigible for modelling and generating full-stack Dirigible's applications
'''February 2, 2018''' - Steve, Gorkem, Nedelcho
'''February 2, 2018''' - Steve, Gorkem, Nedelcho

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Minutes of the Eclipse Cloud Development PMC

March 8, 2018 - Martin, Nedelcho


  • Working on a graphical web database schema editor based on mxGraph
  • Looking for bringing MDA in Dirigible for modelling and generating full-stack Dirigible's applications

February 2, 2018 - Steve, Gorkem, Nedelcho


  • CheConf was yesterday with more than thousand participants
  • Sessions are recorded and will be published on YouTube


  • Working on multi-tenant server issues


  • Working on integrating the Flowable BPM engine and modeller

February 8, 2018 - Steve, Gorkem, Martin, Nedelcho


  • Che 6.0 released. Target is OpenShift. RedHat team is working on Kubernetes deployment in collaboration with SAP team.


  • Orion 17.0 released. Focus on Kubernetes as an underlying orchestration at BlueMix.


  • Dirigible 3.1.2 released. Running on Kubernetes for maximising the effect of the in-system development.

PMC members are looking forward for the opportunities for integration and collaboration.

New time for the meeting - 1:00PM EST every second Thursday.

January 19, 2017 - Nedelcho, Tyler, Steve, Simon


  • Che 5.0 released.


  • Orion 13.0 released.


  • Dirigible 2.7.M1 released.

Proposed new time for the meeting series 11:30EST

December 17, 2015 - John, Martin, Nedelcho, Simon

Dirigible 2.2 M2:

  • master repository concept, Git and database impl for it
  • NoSQL database support: Mongo
  • February 2016 release


  • More flexible plugin model, allowing plugins to consume services defined in other plugins
  • Working on support for UI plugins, support for single page applications
  • JavaScript tools, validation of function references across files
  • Cleaning up technical debt on preference implementation

December 3, 2015 - John, Tyler, Nedelcho, Simon


  • Working with Orion editor, trying to figure out how to lookup and modify key bindings because some of them collide
  • Blocked on legal clearance for 3.x release, may have to switch to doing legal clearance
  • Landed on hacker news, reddit, huge impact with 200K page views above normal
  • Full support for find usages in Java, refactoring in Java
  • Global search support is going in
  • Added Git diff support based on Orion compare editor
  • Added a panel that lets you view all your dev machines, what is running, open terminals
  • Transitioning over to fully self host on Che 4.x for Java development
  • Workspace portability, so you can bring the workspaces to wherever the tools are


  • Focus standalone code editor, lots of adoption, continuous fixes and improvements to documentation
  • JavaScript cross-file support: refactoring, validation of references
  • Working on widening capabilities plugins can do. Now plugins on the same domain as the host can access the full set of services that the host page can access
  • Investigating further widening capabilities and enable UI plugins


  • 2.2 m2 coming up. Bug fixes, initial support for local private repositories, to simplify setup
  • integrating J2V8 for running JS on server, to enable user-defined services to run in JavaScript on server
  • Want to expose debug channel in the future, to enable debuggging server side JavaScript from the client side using Node Inspector
  • Investigating pre-compiling server side JS code to improve performance
  • Investigating support for No-SQL databases (Mongo, CouchDB, etc)

September 24, 2015 - John, Tyler, Martin, Nedelcho, Simon

  • Discussion of differentiating Eclipse as a tooling platform based on breadth of its tools
    • Huge eco-system of plugins
    • Available across desktop and web/distributed
    • None of the competing tooling platforms can offer this
  • Che coming up to a major new release, has surpassed million user mark
  • Dirigible release coming up early in October
  • Orion focus on standalone editor widget, JavaScript traversal across references and declarations
  • Dirigible has an approved BoF session for ECE Tues 8pm

August 13, 2015 - John, Tyler, Martin, Nedelcho, Simon

  • Some problems were noted with the Che project infrastructure:
    • Bugzilla entry appears under Technology rather than ECD
    • The che-dev mailing list archive view shows no activity since April, however it is active
    • Tyler sent note to webmaster to resolve it
  • Projects are encouraged to have development discussions on the mailing list so there are public signs of the project's activity level and community.
  • Discussion of the proposed Cloud Foundry Tools project:
    • The PMC did not reach agreement that this project fit within the current project charter
    • The current charter is to build a Cloud developer environment that runs on cloud, not just traditional desktop tools that happen to deploy to cloud
    • If the proposed project widened its scope to also include CF tooling for Cloud Developer Environments it would be a more natural fit (e.g, CF deployment support for Orion or Che).
    • The PMC was open to discussing a widening of the charter to include a broader variety of cloud-related tools such as this one, but this process will take some time.
    • We need to decide if ECD will be a project focused on a cohesive, tightly integrated set of Cloud-based developer environments, or simply a technology umbrella with no attempt at internal consistency or cohesion.

June 18, 2015 - John, Tyler, Martin

June 4, 2015 - John, Tyler, Simon, Nedelcho

Project updates:

  • Orion wrapping up 9.0 release, doing final polish, thinking about Orion 10
  • Che:
    • 3.10.0 is released
    • 3.10.1 is planned to release in a couple days
    • 4.0 later in 2015
    • Che has completed their switch to Orion editor
  • Dirigible
    • Waiting on clearance of initial contribution CQ
    • Question: can we keep working while waiting for clearance? Answer: Yes, keep committing on top of initial contribution

Had a discussion of integration examples or reference applications that illustrate how to consume or connect Cloud project technologies. Where should such samples/integrations be hosted? GitHub or within the Eclipse project? It can be either, depending on whether you intend to release it, whether there are IP issues, etc. However there are wider issues of how these integrations are packaged/installed into the different cloud tools. How do users discover them? Is there a marketplace of integrations/plugins where users can discover new stuff to install? It was an interesting discussion, but more questions than answers at this stage.

Discussed ability to change UI layout in the browser. Want to be able to change UI layout by drag and drop as a user. It's very hard on the web. This is a common request in Che. Orion and Dirigible not currently looking at anything for changing view orientation.

May 21, 2015 - John, Martin, Tyler and Simon

IP issues for cloud PMC

  • Weekly releases don't fit with Eclipse release processes
  • CQ process for 3rd party library, incremental updates to fast moving libraries

Marketing around 3Q/fall releases for Che and Orion

  • Meet with project leads

Orion-Che bridge

  • Prototype has been built to dig into details of how to connect Orion client to Che server API
  • Two approaches: Che server extension that exposes Orion-compatible API so Orion client can

May 7, 2015 - John, Martin, Tyler and Nedelcho

  • Orion:
    • Tern
    • Dark theme
    • Split editors
    • Editor consumability
  • Dirigible:
    • Working through IP process for dependencies
    • Now consuming Orion editor
    • Working on debug tools, integration with editor
  • Che:
    • Working on both 3.10 and 4.0 releases
    • 3.10 is focused on stabilizing SDK
    • Being able to launch an SDK instance via a URL
    • Bundling docker capability in SDK so Docker can be used for local runners
    • Events infrastructure, project types have associated events, events can trigger commands which run inside a runner
  • Flux:
    • No updates
  • General discussion:
    • We revisited the subject of whether Eclipse desktop-based tools related to development for cloud are appropriate for ECD. There is some concern this will dilute the focus of the project and it will not be clear how/when to draw the line since many technologies and tools can touch on cloud deployment. We agreed the main focus of ECD is development in the cloud, and where cloud-based development has overlaps with local desktop tools it is reasonable to include them. For example a local development tool that connects to a cloud-based development service is in scope (as exemplified by Flux), but a local tool that simply deploys to cloud is not (for example a local FTP client).
    • We discussed representation for the Cloud PMC on the Eclipse Planning Council. We generally agreed that there is currently little overlap with the planning council's work given our current technology and deliverables. The planning council's primary focus is on the simultaneous release, which the cloud projects largely don't participate in. If we were looking to do aligned releases across multiple cloud-based technologies in the future then it could be a useful venue for that. For now John Arthorne will be the Cloud PMC representative on the planning council, but we don't anticipate a very active role in the short term.

April 23, 2015 - John, Martin, with notes sent from Tyler and Nedelcho

  • Che
    • We have submitted the Che initial contribution CQ
    • We are releasing 3.9 next week which will be a monster release.
    • We are almost done packaging up our docker runner system into Che itself for reuse.
    • Submitted a few different Che + Orion talks at various conferences
  • Flux
    • Submitted move review documentation to move Flux to the ECD project
  • Orion
    • Submitted move review documentation to move Orion to ECD project
    • Orion 9 planning: focus on JavaScript tools, UX improvements, performance, and Docker investigation
  • Dirigible
    • We managed to refactor Dirigible in way to depend only to already approved libraries in Orbit
    • About 40 dependencies are already approved by John and Martin and respectively by Jason. Thanks a lot for that!
    • Currently pending is only the CQ with the sources of Dirigible itself
    • Meanwhile we introduced and integrated Orion editor (client side only) as alternative to the ACE. It can open, save, change dirty state, highlighting for some languages, code completion for HTML and CSS as of now. The remaining major features is integration with the debugger and code completion for JavaScript.

General discussion:

We discussed whether desktop-based tooling for Cloud, such as Cloud Foundry tools, would be a good fit under ECD. We agreed that we are not limited to only browser-based tools so it is ok to welcome desktop-based tooling projects with a strong cloud focus. Such projects can also fit under Web Tools, for example there was a WTP talk at EclipseCon 2015 about WTP and cloud. To be vendor neutral, such tools would need to be pluggable to enable an open-ended set of cloud providers where applicable.

April 2, 2015 - John, Martin, Tyler, Nedelcho, Simon

  • Future meetings:
    • Need to establish PMC meeting time/cadence
    • Start with 1 hour slot, every two weeks
    • Can keep it to 30 minutes most of the time
  • Orion
    • John to draft move review docs
    • Doing exploration on Docker containers
  • Flux
    • John to draft move review docs
  • Dirigible
    • Preparing CQ's
    • 60 dependencies, mostly Java libraries
    • Plan to host directly on GitHub
    • Then make initial code contribution
    • Groovy dependency may need to be factored out to allow bulk of legal review to proceed
  • Che
    • Not showing up as a sub-project of ECD, need to check with EMO on why
    • Refactoring repositories into 4 repos
    • Changing build infrastructure to match refactoring
    • Focused on initial contribution
    • Talking to other companies about bringing their technology to ECD

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