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Welcome to the EATOP Wiki page. EATOP is an infrastructure platform implementation of common base functionality for design tools that enable an effective usage of the architecture description language EAST-ADL in software and systems development.

General Project Topics

Developer Resources

This section links to resources targeted to developers of EATOP, i.e, committers and contributors who want to help developing the EATOP platform itself.

User Information

This section links to information destinated to users of EATOP, i.e, adopters who want to use the EATOP platform to build modeling tools or applications upon it.

Downloads Update sites and downloads of latest EATOP releases, recent builds for upcoming releases and earlier versions of EATOP.
Adopter Environment Setup Setup of an Eclipse environment for using EATOP to develop modeling tools or applications.
Architecture An overview of EATOP' architecture, its components, dependencies, and PDE features.
Tutorials Tutorials about EATOP.
Developer Guide Documentation of EATOP concepts, APIs, extension points and their intended usages.
Adopter Forum Forum for asking questions, discussing ideas, finding answers.

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