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EASE stands for Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment, a framework that allows to write, manage and execute scripts right within your IDE/RCP.

By using interpreters like Rhino or Jython that run natively in the JRE, scripts are able to access native Java code. Thus allowing to interact with the running application.


Scripts may be written by the means of the IDE, eg by using JSDT or PyDev editors. While you may keep all your scripts in the workspace there are other ways to manage your scripts. While it is perfectly possible to mix script code with Java code, it is a quite inconvenient way of programming. Therefore EASE ships with several modules - libraries that extend the functionality of the target script language. Such modules are loaded on demand right from your script code.

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Module Developers

Modules allow to bundle common functionality and provide an easy interface for users. Writing your own module is easy, almost trivial. EASE also provides a JavaDoc doclet, allowing to reuse your class comments for module documentation. This documentation will be used for help hovers and code completion automatically. Please follow the module documentation guide to create valid documentation.

EASE Contributors

Contribution is not just about source code. Help us by writing scripts, tutorials, help, design icons, fill the bugtracker with fresh ideas, ... See the Contributor guide for details.

Builds & Processes

Project Resources

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