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E4/UI/Running the photo demo

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  1. Make sure you've installed the e4 UI runtime components as described here.
  2. Optionally, install the EMF SDK to be able to open .xmi files using the EMF editor: "Help" -> "Install New Software..." -> "Models and Model Development" -> "EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework", then restart Eclipse.
  3. Now check out the e4 photo demo project from CVS as follows:
    1. Start Eclipse with an empty workspace directory.
    2. Select File > Import...
    3. Select CVS > Projects from CVS.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Copy the CVS repository location and paste it into the "Host" field to populate the wizard page:
    6. You should see "Host:, Repository path: /cvsroot/eclipse, User: anonymous, Connection type: pserver".
    7. Click Next and select the second option "Use an existing module".
    8. Drill down as follows: e4 > org.eclipse.e4.ui > examples > org.eclipse.e4.demo.e4photo.
    9. With "org.eclipse.e4.demo.e4photo" selected, click Finish.
    10. This will check out one project into your workspace. Expand the project in the Package Explorer.
    11. Open the "e4photo.product" file.
    12. Click on the link "Launch an Eclipse Application" at the bottom left of the .product file editor.

The e4 photo demo application will come up.

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