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EASE - Contributing


To build EASE in Eclipse you should start with Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers (Kepler SR2, Luna M7).

After startup go to Preferences/Maven/Discovery and click Open Catalog. Continue installing the Tycho Configurator.

Next install the Mylyn Gerrit connector from the Mylyn update site: We need the Mylyn Reviews Connector: Gerrit feature.

If you want to work on the EMF models you might want to additionally install EMF Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK and Diagram Editor for Ecore (SDK) from the official Kepler update site.

Importing Repository

Short link to Gerrit:

The whole procedure:

  1. Open the Git Repositories view
  2. Click Clone a Git repository
  3. In the dialog select Gerrit
  4. On the next page hit Add...
  5. Set Server to and provide a nice Label. Optionally provide your eclipse credentials, too (necessary to push commits)
  6. Finish the dialog
  7. Now you should be back at the repository selection page where you should select e4/org.eclipse.e4.scripting, hit next
  8. select at least the master branch
  9. provide a local path where to keep your repository and check Import all existing projects after clone finishes

Getting rid of workspace errors:

  1. locate project
  2. open the contained target definition
  3. click Set as Target Platform in the upper right corner of the editor
  4. all error markers except some on the project org.eclipse.ease.ui.expression.xtext.tests should be gone

If you prefer git over gerrit then check out the web frontend for git / http clone urls.

The python interpreter is hosted on Github due to licensing issues.


The whole project can be built by right clicking on org.eclipse.ease.releng / Run As / Maven build. Enter 'clean install' as your goals. After the build process you can find a p2 update site available at org.eclipse.ease.releng.p2/target/repository.

You could also build from the command line by navigating to the releng project folder and entering 'mvn clean install'.

Providing code

If you already cloned from gerrit, we would love to get your contributions via gerrit commits. This would be the preferred option. As an alternative you might provide git patches and submit them via bugzilla. Before creating the patch make sure to have your formatter set to the default 'Eclipse built in'.

Have a look at the open bugs if you are not sure where to start. Some of them are explicitely marked for beginners.

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