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E4/Resources/Semantic File System

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Semantic File System (SFS) represents an add-on to the Eclipse Resource Management that augments the Resources Plug-in API with an additional API to work with RESTful or REST-like resources. The implementation is based on EFS. The Semantic File System introduces a new SPI to be implemented by content providers that handle access via their specific communication protocol or proprietary client library.

Semantic File System addresses many of the aspects that were formulated in E4/Resources/Requirements and E4/Resources/Work Areas.



Talk at Eclipse Summit Europe 2009


Semantic File System is now part of Eclipse e4 build and can be downloaded from e4 project download page starting with e4 1.0 M4.

Important: Bundles with SFS Examples are not part of the e4 download (as of 1.0 M4). A Project Set file e4.resources.sfs.examples.psf can be used to check out the sources into a workspace.


The source code for implementation, examples and tests resides in Eclipse CVS. Following Project Set files can be used to import sources into Eclipse workspace:

Brief introduction to the source code can be found here: E4/Resources/Semantic File System/Where to Look at First.



Communication Channels

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