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Overall Goals and Themes

  • Allow Eclipse projects to better model real-world setup of projects (Theme: Ease Of Use).
    • Be competitive with (Visual Studio, Slickedit, Netbeans, IDEA). Integrate with (Maven, Proprietary project systems...)
  • Make it easier for end-users to get their stuff into Eclipse (Theme: Facilitated On-Boarding)
  • Support pervasive distributed workspaces
  • Improve concurrency and programming model


  • Do not break basic assumptions that clients of Eclipse Resources have today. What are these assumptions?
  • Support the current form of resources today, and more.
  • Support file-list based projects.
  • Support natural organization of projects (physical nesting).


Open an existing Eclipse 3.x project

Workspace compatibility is a must.

Import an existing DevStudio project

  • Just toss the wsp / wpj files into Eclipse and use CDT's parsers immediately. Provide the same views as Devstudio.

Debug an Exectuable without a Project

  • Assume that the Exe has debug info embedded. start debugging it immediately without having to set up a project. Support static analysis / parsing and symbol navigation seamlessly.

Support mixed Java/C++ projects easily

Set up a Team-shared Workspace

  • On-boarding an existing team must be as easy as double clicking a file.

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