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Meeting Title: E4 Resources meeting
Date & Time: Friday Jan 23, 2009 at 1600 UTC / 11am EST / 8am PST
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Canada and US Toll Free: (866) 740-7083
International Dial-in: +1 (702) 696-4217 (more numbers here)
Conference ID: 613 277 0037 #


  • Signed up:
    • Wind River - Doug Schaefer, Martin Oberhuber
    • Freescale - Serge Beauchamp
    • IBM - John Arthorne, Chris Recoskie
    • SAP -


Feel free to edit, but not during the meeting

  • Martin - Update from yesterday's e4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090122 call:
    • Request that the Resources team inform the e4 UI team about any "user-visible" changes or changes in workflow. We should strive for consistency, and a single "story" of getting things done rather than multiple competing concepts.
    • John has direct contact to Kevin McGuire and can act as the link, install e4 with serge's patches and show it to Kevin
    • M1 (feb 6) build will go on the EclipseCon stick, so if we want to show anything it should go in there
  • Serge to backport his changes for bug 252996 resource filters, bug 229633 virtual groups and relative links into 3.5 ?
    • John: Serge's current e4 work can be installed into 3.5, so if products want to leverage that they can install it into a 3.5 product
    • Could see the work backported in early 3.6
    • Proper support of the infrastructure (drag and drop, etc) requires changes in many other plugins... how to announce that? How to get those other bundles modified for e4? - AI Serge send an E-Mail to the e4 list
      • John: We can accept more plugins in e4, but the more we have the more merge issues we'll have. If Eric Moffat already has a repository for his backward compatibility work, we should re-use his bundles
      • Martin: experiment with better tooling for merges such as git - behind the scenes as a start
  • Chris - discussion on bug 215261 physical store stuff
  • Doug - still wants to do a simple EFS implementation for remote (next week)

Review of Action Items

Action Items

  • (old) Martin create SearchCVS service for e4 resources - started on database, query missing AI mail e4-dev
  • (old) Martin send a proposal regarding experimental API tagging policy to the e4 mailing list - pending bug 261874 AC discussion about provisional API
  • (old) Martin have Google Calendar send a meeting invite for the next meeting - pending webmaster setup in mailing list admin interface
  • (old) Doug to work on getting people on IRC - pending WR IT
  • (old) Doug document how users can get e4 resources (what's the required process and target platform) - AI Serge to send E-Mail
  • (old) Ken put references to bugs which are interesting for him into the meeting notes
  • (old) Ken have somebody from Symbian Foundation comment on bug 249745 regarding their experiences with git and Mercurial
  • (old) Serge to blog about how to consume his resources changes from the e4 builds
  • John to show Serge's work to Kevin
  • Serge to e-mail e4-dev about adding changes to more (UI) bundles in support of his resources changes

Next Meeting

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