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The E4 Resources work is about improving Eclipse Platform Resources, both in terms of APIs and end-user usability.
The Flexible Resource Model is especially about making the concept of a Project more flexible.

The Goals are listed in detail on the Requirements page, in short:

  • Make the Workspace, Project and Resource structure flexible enough to embrace any existing (legacy) structures.
  • Build an architecture that's easy to understand, reliable, simple and safe to code against.
  • Support future environments (client/server, distributed, web, collaborative) - building a solid base of Eclipse for the next 10 years.

Interested Parties: (alphabetically) - See also the Kick-off meeting:

  • Broadcom, Cloudsmith, Embarcadero, Freescale, Google, IBM, Nokia, NVidia, Wind River
  • Component Lead: Doug Schaefer (Wind River)


Communication Channels

This calendar is available in the following formats:
Ical.gifiCal,Xml.gifATOM News Feed,Html.gifHTML

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