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E4/RAP Integration/RWT misses SWT-API

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RWT misses SWT-API

This is an obious point. If something isn't supported by RWT we comment this functionality out. Sometimes it's as easy as the following example

// control.addPaintListener(new PaintListener() { [...]

but sometimes this results in skipping complete parts of functionality, e.g usage of GC and all of its references.

There is one thought to merge RWT into the SWT repository, providing the same API and use tooling to provide information which API is available for certain environments. That's a proposal from Steve (at least if I understood him correctly), since he faces similar problems with SWT-Dojo and -Flex stuff. This would be a huge benefit for developers, but looking at problems like the second example I think this wouldn't help much regarding single sourcing of the platform code.

Jeff McAffer: This is an excellent opportunity for the PDE API tools to play a role.

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