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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20100909

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  • Bogdan Gheorghe
  • Brian DeAlwis
  • John Arthorne
  • Mike Wilson
  • Paul Webster
  • Remy Suen
  • Tom Schindl
  • Yves Yang


  • Looking into what can't be styled, such as menus
  • Finding a way to style them on GTK and Windows
  • Coming up with a list of main areas to focus on for next release
  • Talking with Mylyn about how to get them working on 4.x
  • Adding intro back into 4.x
  • Working on improved build story
    • e4 consuming 3.x builds, 4.x build consumes e4 and 3.x
    • Switch so that e4 consumes 4.x rather than vice versa
  • Bug fixing in 4.x workbench
  • Fixing architectural problems in old code due to removed limitation in 4.x on editors and views sharing stacks
  • How to organize bugzilla for 4.x
    • Should now be entering bugs under Eclipse>Platform
    • Make it easier for the community to log/find 4.x bugs
  • Tom writing an article on 4.0 for a German magazine
  • Written an article on e4 in French
  • XWT integration with Spring
    • Some difficulties on Mac
  • XWT now running on RAP
  • Cocoa UI Enhancer work
  • Compatibility layer -> 4.x workbench

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