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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20081002

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Status updates


  • SWT/BE for ActionScript is alpha
  • how do we ship? no milestones


  • compatibility page * Eric to send pointer to list


  • e4 talks in London and Poland
  • why isn't the model live?
  • feedback
  • future of RCP
  • why not all web apps?
  • CSS round up, looked at requirement from Lotus and Innoopract
  • TK-UI and XAML based were interesting
  • experiment with TK-UI, commit to e4 when legal clears * Kevin to drive the legal process


  • e4 project was created!

Paul Webster

  • investigating context
  • context == bag of state for command execution


  • declarative discussions happening (not on the list)
  • should we move them there? Too early


  • interested in web content in SWT browser


  • had first meeting on resources work area, good debate on mailing list
  • next phase is to get concrete
  • Doug to create "straw man" proposal


  • how to deal about copies of the code
  • ie. compatibility with 3.x
  • 2 approaches, copy and hack, keep up to date with 3.x HEAD
  • copy at a release or milestone, tag and document so you know where you got it from
  • Martin O: "There is a CVS standard way ..."
  • Martin to describe this on the mailing list

Discussion Topics

  1. builds/milestones
    • reuse Nick's build work
    • our deliverable may end up being a list of patch features
    • dowloads page is nightly build results and examples
  2. Provisioning
    1. decisions on component structure
      • /cvsroot/eclipse/e4/ ...?
      • access right for everyone
      • Marcelo suggests EMF structure, ie standard plugins,features,doc,tests subdirectories under /resources, /ui, etc.
      • all components must keep "team project sets" up to date
      • each work area gets it's own sandbox (UI, Resources etc.)
    2. assign website update rights
      • everyone has rights
    3. download server rights for builds
      • Boris and Doug
    4. mailing list
      • new name: e4-dev
      • encourage use of [] tags to enable filtering of e4 list posts
    5. Bugzilla
      • components are the names from provisioning list
  3. Pervasive themes
    • talk about that on next call

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