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E4/Eclipse Application Services

  • Receiving input.
  • Producing selection.
  • Persisting data (receiving persisted state, and producing persistable state).
  • Accessing preferences (mostly read access, but sometimes write access).
  • Managing shared resources (e.g. JFace LocalResourceManager).
  • Status handling (errors and warnings).
  • Connecting to the help system.
  • Participating in Undo/Redo.
  • Adapting objects.
  • Participating in label and icon decoration.
  • Reacting to changes to the context (such as plug-ins that come and go).
  • Scheduling background work.
  • Participating in editor lifecycle (units of saveability, dirtiness, saving, prompting to save).
  • Dynamically contributing to the workbench model (e.g. tool items, menus, sub-parts).
  • Updating enablement, labels, icons of menu and tool items.
  • Registering command handlers.
  • Reacting to changes to the workbench model.
  • Reporting progress and responding to cancellation requests.
  • Reporting status (think status line).
  • Logging.

Domain-specific services:

  • IWorkspace.
  • Database connection.
  • My EMF model.

Not sure about:

  • String comparison/collation.
  • String localization.

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