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Dirigible/Meeting minutes/20160427

Participants Ekaterina, Pavel, Yordan, Dimitar P., Nedelcho

IP related - in progress

New features update

  • New Debug Tooling - in progress
 - Initial implementation of Chrome DevTools in a separate branch (devtools). Some limitations still to be fixed.
 - Debug Sessions view limitation (sync refresh needed) to be replaced with WebSockets view.
  • Demo instances for SAP student trainings on HANA Cloud Platform - done.


  • Minor fixes


 - testing in the following areas
   1. WebIDE
   2. Site
   3. Getting Started
 - Forum topic at:
 - Feedback already collected - to be prioritised and to be created issues for the approved tasks
 - More people have been interested, than the timeframe has been allowed
 - Accessibility testing passed successfully
 - Guided Tour - questionable



  • Forum topics per API


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