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Development Resources/How to Use Eclipse Copyright Tool

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Install the plugin to eClipse

Take the plugin from eClipse repository like the documentation Eclipse_copyright_tool described:

  • use the CVS plugin of eClipse to checkout the into your workspace
  • you can use Windows - preference - CVS - CVS Repositories
    • Host:
    • Repository: /cvsroot/eclipse
  • click on versions and look for
  • pick out the bundle version of your eClipse version e. g. R3_3_1_1
  • choose check out to import the bundle into your workspace

To install this plugin to eClipse you have to export this bundle into the plugins-folder of eClipse:

  • right click on bundle and export
  • choose plugin-development and then Deployable plug-ins and fragments
  • choose the plugins subfolder of your eClipse folder
  • this exports a file like 'org.eclipse.releng.tools_3.3.0.200809301227.jar' into this plugin folder
  • restart your eClipse workspace

Configuration of Eclipse copyright tool


  • the listbox 'copyright template' takes a fix header for your java files
  • you can declare a creation and revision year
  • you can declare that existing header will be replaced
  • you can declare that properties files like will be skiped

Use Eclipse copyright tool


  • change to Resource-view of eClipse
  • deselect all working sets, if you have selected - you must see the project structure of your workspace
  • click right on your project and choose Advanced fix copyrights

The tool will:

  • insert a header
    • in java files
    • if configured, in *.properties files
    • if configured, with override existing header

The tool will NOT

  • insert a header in other files like plugin.xml

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