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Development Resources/HOWTO/Conforming Incubation Branding

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Incubation Phase (Conforming) Branding

(1) Why Should I Do This?

The Board of Directors has declared that all Incubation Phase projects clearly label themselves - this document describes how to do that. Incubation Phase projects that are correctly labeled are referred to as conforming and are allowed to participate in the Parallel IP process [1].

(2) What is Conforming?

A conforming project:

  1. Is in the Incubation phase.
  2. Correctly displays the incubation logo on their project home page.
  3. Correctly displays the same incubation logo on their project's primary download page.
  4. All downloadable zip files for builds and milestones must include the word "incubation" in the filename. For example,
    • The jar files in the download zip file are not required to contain the word "incubation" in the filename. (See bug 178944 for the explanation.)
  5. All "Bundle-Name"s must include the world "incubation". Note that "Bundle-SymbolicName"s should not include "incubation" because the Bundle-SymbolicName is a technical namespace, not a user namespace. For example, Bundle-Name: Foo Plug-in (Incubation)
  6. Similarly, the names for update manager features must include the word "incubation". For example, Eclipse Platform (Incubation)

Projects are listed as conforming or non-conforming on the main /projects page by the egg (conforming) and egg-with-red-slash (non-conforming) icons. If you believe your project is conforming (i.e., 1-5 above) but is listed as non-conforming, send email to and ask us to update the database.

RThe Incbuation logo is displayed in the right column of the web page, "above the fold" on a 1280x1024 display. The HTML to show the graphic is:

<div id="rightcolumn">
 <div class="sideitem">
   <div align="center"><a href="/projects/what-is-incubation.php"><img 
        align="center" src="/images/egg-incubation.png" 
        border="0" alt="Incubation" /></a></div>

(4) The Graphics

RBy community consensus, the incubating egg graphic has been chosen as the clear labeling required by the Board.



This page is moderated by Anne Jacko and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation)

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