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Development Resources/Contributing via Git

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This page is for individuals who want to make a contribution to an Eclipse project via Git or Gerrit.

There's more information for committers on the Handling Git Contributions page.


If you want to contribute to an Eclipse project, you should first communicate with that project. Communication takes many forms, but generally occurs on a project's "dev" list, or via Bugzilla.

You can find the appropriate entry points on the project's page on the forge:

Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement

Before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to create and electronically sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

To create a CLA:

  • Create an account with the Eclipse Foundation if you have not already done so;
    An Eclipse Account will grant you access to Gerrit, Bugzilla, and other Eclipse Foundation web resources.
    Use the same account to contribute to Eclipse, LocationTech, and PolarSys projects.
  • Sign a CLA.

Be sure to use the same email address when you register for the account that you intend to use on Git commit records.

The Commit Record

If a project supports Gerrit, you can push directly to that repository. Alternatively, if you have a public Git repository, a project committer can pull your contribution. Each project should have a contribution guide that will let you know the best way to deliver your contribution.

Minimally, your Git commit record must have the following:

  • Your credentials (email address) captured in the "Author" field;
  • A single line summary in the comment field, followed by a more detailed descriptive paragraph; and
  • A "Signed-off-by" entry with matching credentials in the comment footer.

If applicable, a reference to the Bug that is addressed by the commit is a helpful addition.

You can specify additional authors using one or more "Also-by" entries in the comment footer.

For example:

commit 862e6ff22ad56c10df6de3385ffa4c7d02363d1d
Author: Joe Somebody <>
Date:   Mon Jun 17 17:19:38 2013 -0700

    Auto share multiple projects in single job
    When multiple projects are imported together, perform all the necessary
    auto shares in a single job rather than spawning a separate job for each
    Bug: 410937
    Also-by: Some Otherperson <>
    Signed-off-by: Joe Somebody <>

The "Signed-off-by" entry is required. By including this, you confirm that you are in compliance with the Certificate of Origin.

Note that the footer entries must occur at the bottom of the commit message and must not include any blank lines.

Signing off on a commit

Both Git and EGit have built-in support for signing off on a commit.

From command-line Git, add -s to the command:

git commit -s -m "Auto share multiple projects in single job"

From EGit, there is a handy button in the commit dialog box:


EGit can also be configured to sign-off all commits you create from EGit automatically:

  • click "Preferences > Team > Git > Commit Dialog"
  • check "Footers > Insert Signed-off-by"

Contributing via Bugzilla

If you cannot push to a project's Gerrit repository, or do not have a public Git repository from which a project committer can pull, you can submit your contribution as a patch attachment on a Bugzilla record.

You must have a signed CLA on file.

Further, you need to sign-off on the Certificate of Origin in a comment on the bug. For example:

This contribution complies with

A Word about Eclipse Foundation Accounts

The Eclipse Foundation maintains multiple separate forges. The same user account applies for all forges. If you, for example, create an account on, that same account can be used on LocationTech or PolarSys. A signed CLA is connected to your Eclipse Foundation account; this means that with the single valid CLA on file, you can contribute to any project on any of the forges.

This page is moderated by the EMO.

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