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Development Resources/Committer Cheat Sheet

Getting Help

Use your project's "dev" list (e.g. to communicate with your project team and mentors.

Your Project Management Committee (PMC) provides some oversight and can answer many of your questions. Ask questions via their "pmc" list (e.g.

If project team, mentors, and PMC are unable to provide assistance, connect directly with the Eclipse Foundation staff for help:

The Webmaster team uses Bugzilla to track requests. You can create the request directly yourself, or the Webmaster may do it on your behalf. In general, these requests are found under the Community Bugzilla product. Open a bug to request help with:


We maintain your identity with your Eclipse Foundation Account (a link to "Edit Profile" is on the top of most of our web pages). Use this page to:

  • Edit your personal information (email address, postal address, other contact information);
  • Access your project's build server;
  • Access other committer tools (e.g. download stats, Bugzilla configuration).

Every account has a "committer id" (this is typically your first initial and your last name, e.g. "wbeaton"), a primary email address, and password.

Use your email address and password to log into most of Eclipse Foundation services, with these exceptions:

  • Use your committer id and password to authenticate via SSH with Git or Gerrit; and
  • When accessing Gerrit via HTTPS, use your committer id in combination with the password generated by Gerrit.


Individual projects set their own standards, so be sure to check with your team and project lead for further guidance. Minimally, though, Git commits should have the following:

  • Your proper name and email address associated with your Eclipse Foundation Account in the author credentials;
  • The id of the associated bug in square brackets;
  • A well-written summary line; and
  • A useful but concise comment body.

For example:

commit 862e6ff22ad56c10df6de3385ffa4c7d02363d1d
Author: Joe Somebody <>
Date:   Mon Jun 17 17:19:38 2015 -0700

    Bug 410937: Auto share multiple projects in single job
    When multiple projects are imported together, perform all the necessary
    auto shares in a single job rather than spawning a separate job for each

    Also-by: Some Bodyelse <>

A committer can push commits on behalf of other committers. The email address in the "author" field must match the email address associated with the committer's Eclipse Foundation account.

Non-committer contributors must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and include a "Signed-off-by" line in the commit message's footer. For more information, please see Handling Git Contributions.

Note that you can specify multiple authors for a single commit by including "Also-by:" entries in the commit message footer.

All contributions are subject to the IP Due Diligence process.

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