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Every Tuesday:

  • 10am Pacific
  • 1pm Eastern

Call-in numbers:

  • 613.287.8000 or
  • 866.362.7064
  • passcode 874551#

IRC channel:

About Dash Time

Dash Time is regular virtual gathering for talking about Dash or Eclipse processes or community or technology or anything else that matters. This is in the spirit of salon - a gathering of stimulating people to increase their knowledge through conversations and readings. And, in that spirit, we promise that no action items will be assigned.

We'll be using simultaneous conference call, irc, and wiki that are all described on the wiki page. We'll also use the wiki page as a scratchpad and a trail of conversations that we'll keep as long as they are useful.

Some Things On Our Mind

  • Easy publication of Monkey DOMs
  • The Ah-ha's on the way to expert
  • Mashing complex data
  • Writing Listeners as Monkey scripts (we've done it)
  • Must have standard doms: console, alert, window

What Others Think About Scripting

Bjorn and Ward talked about scripting at EclipseCon. These are the kinds of things that folks told us scripting meant to them. EclipseMonkey is only one of these.

  • scripting to speed your own work
  • event record/playback (like emacs, for example)
  • scripting to make plug-ins easier
  • scripting gui widgets

Jeff Winkler joined us on dash time and has suggested a number of nice addtions to EclipseMonkey and one usecase that is important to him.

  • writing code-assists triggered by meta-data
    • say for writing design-by-contract preconditions
  • comand-line environment ala python ... for exploration of api
    • useful for construtivist style of teaching
  • java applet irc client for eclipse-dash irc

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