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passcode 874551#
passcode 874551#
IRC channel:
IRC channel: [ Freenode] #eclipse-dash

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Call-in numbers: 613.287.8000 -or- 866.362.7064 passcode 874551#

IRC channel: Freenode #eclipse-dash

Dash Time is regular virtual gathering for talking about Dash or Eclipse processes or community or technology or anything else that matters. This is in the spirit of salon - a gathering of stimulating people to increase their knowledge through conversations and readings. And, in that spirit, we promise that no action items will be assigned.

Tuesdays, 10am Pacific time (1pm Eastern time). We'll be using simultaneous conference call, irc, and wiki that are all described on the wiki page. We'll also use the wiki page as a scratchpad and a trail of conversations that we'll keep as long as they are useful.

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