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Revision as of 16:46, 30 December 2005 by Droy (Talk | contribs) (Fixed broken external links)

The Dash project is still a proposal, but here are some words about it.

We've published our first experimental script over on our blog. We're also putting it here on the wiki:

--- Came wiffling through the eclipsey wood ---
 * Menu: Find System.outs

function main() {
  var files = resources.filesMatching(".*\\.java");
  var match;
  for each( file in files ) { 
    file.removeMyTasks(  );
    for each( line in file.lines ) {
      if (match = line.string.match(/System\.out\.print(ln)? *\(.*\)/)) {
         line.addMyTask( match[0] );
--- And burbled as it ran! ---

The idea is to be able to publish and share these scripts easily.

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