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Dali R1.0 Planning meetings - Monday

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Attendees: Brian Vosburgh(Oracle), Shaun Smith(Oracle), Paul Fullbright(Oracle), Tran Le(Oracle), Karen Moore(Oracle), Neil Hauge(Oracle), Leonard Theivendra(IBM), David Williams(IBM), Chuck Brigham(IBM),

9:30AM - Review processes and WTP process adoption

  • 0.5 Review
    • Milestone plan up front
  • Iterations
    • Longer milestones
    • Iteration Planning meeting
  • Changes going forward
    • Better bugzilla maintenance – enter features at beginning of iteration, target them, and close them at the end. Every one is responsible for doing this.
    • Go back to 15 min meetings – rotating facilitator
    • Better use of the dev mailing list
  • WTP Processes
    • Align with Milestones, voice on the plan
    • Working with Ibuilds
    • Stay plugged into req’s planning
    • CVS move
    • Package rename
    • Bugzilla
  • Bundle source


  • Technical Debt Discussion

Wish List

  • JDT Annotation support (enhancements) – Write up specific use cases, bring list to the PMC.

10:45AM - Define vision and scope for R1.0

  • Probably makes more sense to have next Dali release in June of next year, for better Eclipse alignment, more features, less release headaches
  • Perhaps have a Major Milestone planned for December or January as a mid point. (.7’ish)
  • Keep internal versioning
  • December
    • Orm.xml support
    • persistence.xml editing
    • persistence.xml auto-synch (depends on facets)
    • annotation completion
    • quick fixes/text markers
    • basic automap
    • Platform integration reqs
      • Facets
      • APT?
    • DTP migration
    • Define adopter requirements, work on features necessary for adoption
    • Model
      • Model awareness/notification issues (bug 141531)
      • Model Build (incremental – dependency build)
      • Move to validator for ORM problems.
    • Priority annotations (adopter related, high use)
    • Need to determine how we are going to define provider jars on 1.4 compliant servers
  • June
    • Merged persistence view
    • Map to binary classes
    • Query Builder?
      • Perhaps use runtime libraries to validate queries

DDL Gen??

  • Headless use of DDL Gen

1:00PM - Define vision and scope for R1.0 - Continued - (This will involve UI design, end user experience, etc)

  • ORM XML annotation overrides
    • Define vision for UI
  • Persistence Unit
    • 1 per project
  • Persistence runtime library/provider will provide classpath configuration and provider specific functionality (generation, query validation, etc)
  • Need to define a server runtime that is a JPA provider (will look like a server). Will make sense to have a non server “server” (provider).
  • Question: Can we have a Server defined that has additional capabilities (nested server/provider/installation)

New feature: Map to a jar of classes with orm.xml

Deployment View (Merged View)

  • Use Common Navigator to show high level merge view
  • Merge view should go down to the persistent attribute level, should match the outline view detail, since the properties view is the same.
  • Read Only Properties view to show merged content

Other notes:

  • Java has to know about XML for visual cue in the source
  • Warning when you have configured an annotation and the XML has already been configured

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